Bringing passwords into the twenty-first century

QuillSign - Securing the World’s information

Few things in life are predictable. But three things are certain about Internet security.

  1. The stakes are getting higher
  2. The threats are increasing
  3. Your vulnerability is growing

Because on the Internet no-one can be sure if you’re a customer, a fraudster or a dog. And genuine customers can’t be sure if they’re logged onto their bank or a spoofed Web site. So we need an effective method to properly authenticate both citizens and corporate sites. But it’s not easy. Passwords and cookies aren’t good enough. They can be cracked, guessed or copied. Digital certificates are good in theory but they’ve proved to be far too complicated and expensive to implement. Hardware tokens are neat and simple. But they’re expensive and the poor consumer ends up with a bulging pocketful of devices for different websites.

So far we’ve all ducked the issue. Continued to keep our fingers crossed and our heads in the sand. Hoping that our customers won’t notice or mind that we can’t deliver proper security for e-Commerce services. But this can’t last. Because the growing, unstoppable threats from hacking, viruses and identity theft are driving the market towards an inevitable tipping point. A point after which no sane person will continue to risk his identity and savings for the sake of a convenient transaction. A point after which we will all have to bite the bullet and install stronger authentication systems for ourselves and our customers.

Already many banks are starting to experiment with stronger authentication systems. In some countries (such as Singapore) this is mandated by law. And Microsoft is dusting off its plans for a more secure Passport system. But there are fundamental problems with these initiatives. They’re expensive, they’re incompatible and they give away sensitive information to the authority that manages the authentication system.

And that’s where QuillSign comes in. By taking a unique, novel approach, QuillSign have smashed the barriers to strong, simple, affordable and anonymous credential management. QuillSign offers a compelling solution to all your authentication needs, including:

  • Free issue and management of authentication credentials for your users
  • Guaranteed anonymity of customer lists and transactions
  • Fast and easy implementation anywhere in the world.

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